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Hubcaps vs. Center Caps

Hubcaps vs. Center Caps


There are a variety of names for these cosmetic additions to our steel wheel friends. If you need a refresher check out our Steel Wheels vs. Alloy Wheels blog. Vehicles with steel wheels use hubcaps, wheel covers, wheel skins, etc. cover up the rugged look. Think of these covers as cosmetic shields. When you purchase a car, there is a choice to be made: steel or alloy. When you pick a steel wheel majority of the time, hubcaps are inclusive. Below you will find some pros and cons.  

Pro: Easy to replace, multiple styles and finishes, cost-efficient
Con: Break or scratch easily

Center Caps: 

Have you taken a good look at your wheel lately? I'm sure you have noticed your vehicle brand logo located at the center of your wheel: this is called the Center Cap. Majority of center caps sold separately; they are an addition to your wheel/rim. There are OEM or Replacement (aka Replica, which is designed to be identical to OEM style). *Please Note: Center Caps are non-inclusive when you purchase OEM wheel/rim from us!

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