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OEM Wheel Grade-Scale


Condition Description
A+ New New from factory. A wheel that has never been mounted.
A Like New A wheel that has been mounted, but only been slightly used (if used at all). Typically taken off directly from a new vehicle.
A- Very Good A wheel with very light scratches on the surface, but it is not noticeable and looks new from a short distance.
B+ Good A wheel with very light and minor curb scratches that may not be noticeable from a short distance.
B Fair A wheel with noticeable but minor curb scratches. The finish is still good as you would expect from regular usage.
B- Acceptable A wheel with noticeable surb scratches and some clear coat issues.
C Poor A wheel with a combination of surface issues but is not cracked or bent. This kind of wheel is suitable for chroming or reconditioning.