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Official Guide to OEM vs. Replica vs. Aftermarket Wheels/Rims

Official Guide to OEM vs. Replica vs. Aftermarket Wheels/Rims

Can You Tell The Difference?

OEM Wheels and Rims - All you need to know
OEM stands for original equipment manufactured - this means that all parts of the wheel are made in-house by various car brands. Some prime examples of car brands include Lexus, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Audi, Hyundai, etc. Each of these car brands guarantees original equipment wheels for their vehicles. OEM wheels are readily available at any local dealership, some junkyards, various websites and wheel stores! OEM Wheels/Rims are usually the first choices, compared to its Aftermarket and Replica counterpart for the regular commuter.

Aftermarket Wheels and Rims - What you should know
Aftermarket wheels are just as reliable as any OEM wheel or rim. Keep in mind; they have no relation to the original car brand. These wheels are the first choice for those commuters who want to enhance their performance and increase the aesthetic of their vehicle. A select group of drivers may prefer aftermarket. Aftermarket wheels are customized to meet the need of any car! Be aware that Aftermarket wheels may be more pricey due to the customize factor.

Replica Wheels and Rims- What you deserve to know
Replica Wheels are just like they sound "replicate." These wheels are out to be an exact copy of OEM wheels and rims. These wheels can be a coin saver at the end of the day. Replica wheels aim to be at least 90% close to its original. The majority of the time - it's hard to tell apart OEM and Replica wheels. These unoriginal clones can be a good alternative if you have a verified manufacturer.

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