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What Are Reconditioned Wheels?

What Are Reconditioned Wheels?

Your OEM steel or aluminum wheels may go through cosmetic damages such as a scrape, crack, bend, or scratch occurs during an accident. Or it may be old and worn down. Whatever the case reconditioned wheels give a "like-new" look/finish. 

Definition: Reconditioning ("Recon"): is the form of fixing the face of a wheel. Each case is different, but the primary functions of recon are straightening, addition or removal of new material, straightening, re-plating and re-machining. 

Synonym(s): Refurbished, Re-Manufactured 

Best and safe practices are to remove the wheels coating and replace it with a new one. All other material is best to stay in tact.

However, if you are not comfortable with Recon, purchasing a brand new/used wheel is the best (and only) alternative. 

Many wheel shops offer Recon in their inventory. This is nice because you are able to purchase the wheel you need without the hassle.

Let me know if you have any questions about repair or recon. We may have a way to help out damages! 


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