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TMPS System Functions

TMPS System Functions

What is TMPS? How does it work? A Tire Pressure Monitoring System is designed to notify you when a tire requires immediate attention - think of it as a warning system for your tires to prevent serious harm in the future. Deflated tires can cause more damage than you think.

Keeping track of your tires air pressure should be part of your routine (at least once a month) to ensure safe driving. 

Some factors that affect air pressure include:

1. Temperature: During cold seasons - your air pressure will most likely drop.

2. Debris: Your tire is likely to pick up a sharp pointy object from the ground when you least expect it

3. Distance: Long trips may cause your tires to lose pressure. 

If your tires run on low pressure for extended period damages will occur. Noticeable changes such as folding of the sidewall and damage the tire to the point of irreversible damage.

Keep in mind that all vehicle brands from 2007-Present Day come equipped with TMPS systems. If you have an older vehicle- either install a TMPS or keep a close eye on your tires.

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