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Parts of Your Wheels/Rims

Parts of Your Wheels/Rims

Discover Parts of Wheels/Rims -

Your wheels and rims have many small and large parts. Before you search for a new wheel- understand that the anatomy can make or break your purchase. If you have a general concept of the product, you need to replace you are ahead of the game! For those who need a guideline, we will describe the different parts of a wheel. All OEM wheels and rims styles reflect different brand name manufacturers, each with their style, finish, and brand logo (i.e., Honda, BMW, Toyota, Audi, etc.).

Use the picture below as a guide for the following paragraph explanation.

The center of the wheel/rim consists of two sections. The empty hole is known as Center Bore; this is where the different spokes connect. In front of the center bore, is the placement of your Center Cap. It holds the brand name car logo is placed over the center bore. Holding together the center cap are the Lug Holes. The Center Disc is the connection point where the lug holes are inserted. The lug holes vary in number; there can be as little as 4, 5, 6, or 8 lug holes. The Lug Nuts are the small pieces that keep the center of the wheel together. Bolt Pattern is the size or measurement of one lug nut and the other. This lug bolt pattern measurement varies from the very top of the lug nut/hold area directly below the opposite side of the lug nut/lug hole.

Moving outwards- you will notice the wheel part begin to increase in size. The face of the wheel contains Spokes- these are the pieces that hold a wheel together (from outer edge to the middle)- styles vary. The Valve Stem is essential for tire pressure measurement. Consider this the very outside lip of the wheel, the part that has direct contact with the rubber wheel. Lastly, the Barrel is where the rubber tire sits- this is the entire exterior of the wheel itself.

And there we have it! If you are still confused- the image below should help. Thanks for reading!


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