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Steel Wheels vs. Alloy Wheels

Steel Wheels vs. Alloy Wheels

We focus on Original Equipment Manufacturer, OEM, Wheels and Rims simply because they are original! They have been developed for the sole purpose of fitting a brand name vehicle exactly. 

This intro will briefly go over the two types of OEM Wheels. 1. Steel (chunky) and 2. Alloy (light). Each type is what makes our inventory.

Steel Wheels/Rims - tend to be heavier, hence the chunky comment, and are very durable during winter weather.

Alloy wheels/rims are the more stylish kind. They provide a great ride during Summer season and allow acceleration due to the light material.

When it comes to cost- OEM Steel Wheels/Rims tend to be cheaper. OEM Alloy Wheels/Rims can cost a bit more. Why? Well for starters: Style and Finish. Steel has limited options, while alloy wheels/rims have a better selection. 

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