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Staggered Wheel and Rim: Q&A

Staggered Wheel and Rim: Q&A

1. What are staggered wheels?

Definition: Front and rear wheel of the vehicle are not the same sizes. The L/R rear wheel of a car is more extensive or wider than the L/R front wheel. An example: 17x8 on front and 17x9.5 on the rear. Keep in mind that diameter is also a factor for staggered wheels (more common with Aftermarket wheels).

2. How do I know if my wheels are staggered?

If you are unsure, double check with the owners manual, dealership, or an indicator located somewhere inside of your vehicle. You can also take the time to measure your wheels. Specific vehicle brands already come with staggered wheels. An example of these would be Audi or BMW.

3. Can I rotate my staggered wheels/rims?

Routine tire/wheel rotation with staggered wheels has a different process than your average vehicle. Instead of trading front and rear wheels/tires, you are required to interchange left & right rear wheels. Same thing goes for left & right front wheels.

4. What are some Pros of staggered wheels?

Staggered wheels are advantageous due to rear weight support of axles. Your car will also have a better grip on the pavement. Braking and sharp cornering is a breeze. Wider wheels allow better performance and provide cosmetic appeal.

5. What are some Cons of staggered wheels?

We touched base on tire rotation earlier, but this can be a problem if not done correctly or frequently. Swapping out Summer wheels/tires for Winter wheels/tires can be an inconvenience- locating the different wheel sizes may mean double research for best deals and compatibility.

6. Are staggered wheels common?

They are common among certain vehicle brands such as Infiniti G35, Ford Mustang, Nissan 350Z, and a few others.

7. Does OEM Wheel Shop sell staggered wheels?

We do not have staggered wheel packages at the moment, but we do have knowledgeable staff that can assist you with finding a right match.

Thanks For Reading- If you have any questions about this topic go ahead and contact us @ (714) 408-7766 or Live Chat! 

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