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OEM Wheels Finishes

Classic Chrome is very shiny with mirror-like effect. Read more about Chrome Wheels.
Chrome Clad
This wheel finish is similar to regular chrome. The appearance is almost identical, the only difference is in the material to give this wheel its look.  
PVD Chrome
An alternative to Classic Chrome plating. Some finishes include bright finish chrome or black finish. 
Machine Finish (OEM):
Is very easy to tell when a wheel has a machine finish. There are distinguished fine lines along the surface of wheel and it gives off a rainbow like reflection. 
There are a variety of colors offered in the Polished category. Below you will find a Polished Bright Silver. Other colors include: Polished Silver or Polished Grey. 
Hyper Colors:
A hyper silver finish is harder to detect than others. This finish provides a very deep, and shiny finish. 
Painted wheels offer a range of colors, they are the most common type of finish. Some of the most common colors include: Grey Painted, Silver Painted, Gloss Black Painted or bronze Painted