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Chrome Wheels

Chrome Wheels

There are two types of Chrome available.

1. Classic Chrome: is the process of electroplating the material chromium onto a wheel- many US states have banned the process due to harsh chemical disposal. California is one of the few states that is still allowed to continue with the practice. Traditional style lasts about 4-5 years!

2. PVD Chrome: is an updated, environmentally friendly process of chroming wheels. Naturally, it uses powder coating practices to result in a Chrome finish. The upside about PVD Chrome is no peeling or corrosion can occur.

Both Styles are excellent and provide a mirror-like effect- this style can add an extra flashiness.

Maintenance is essential to prevent premature corrosion for Classic Chrome, keep in mind that anything with salt eats away at the chrome, not advised for those who leave along the coast where beaches are at proximity. Also, harsh chemicals can cause damage to the chrome. It's best to stick to a standard household item: plain dish soap & water.

Lastly, if you would like a quote on Wheel Chroming or PVD Chrome, feel free to contact us! 

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