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Why Rotate Your Tires?

Why Rotate Your Tires?

Tire rotation is the practice of moving the tires of your automobile from one position to another. This ensures that each tire wears out evenly. 

The tire manufacturer will generally have tire rotation guidelines. The rotation pattern typically involves moving the rear wheels to the front, and the front to the rear, but crossing them when moving to the back. If the tires are unidirectional, the rotation can only be rotated front to back on the same side of the vehicle to preserve the rotational direction of the tires

Driving with un-rotated tires leads you to run the risk of doing damage to the front end alignment of your vehicle. If your automobile begins veering to one side while driving at highway speeds, it could be a sign your tires need to be rotated. 

To extend the life of your tires, we recommend you get them rotated with every oil change. This will considerably extend the life of your tires. 

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