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What Is The OEM Wheel Grade-Scale?

What Is The OEM Wheel Grade-Scale?

At OEM Wheel Shop, our customers' satisfaction is our number 1 priority. We buy and sell only the highest quality wheels and rims available on the market. Every wheel we sell comes rated and allows us to be 100% transparent with our customers. Continue reading below to understand how our rating system works and what it means to buy some from OEM Wheel Shop. 

 A+ (New)

A wheel or rim that is rated A+ is brand new from the factory. We guarantee this wheel has never been installed/mounted on a vehicle before. This wheel is also free from defects and scratches. 

A (Like New)

These are wheels that were installed/mounted on a vehicle at the factory and then taken off at the dealership. We guarantee A rated wheels are free from scratches and curb rashes because they have only been slightly exposed to the elements (if at all). 

A- (Very Good)

These are wheels that are in excellent condition. There is minimal scratching on the surface, but from a reasonable short distance, the wheel looks brand new. We guarantee the wheels are well maintained and have been adequately cared for. 

B+ (Good)

These wheels are in good condition. There are light scratches and minor curb rashes on the surface but may not noticeable from a short distance. 

B (Fair)

These wheels have noticeable yet minor surface scratches and curb rashes. The finish is in good condition and does not have corrosion. 

B- (Acceptable)

These wheels have noticeable surface scratches, curb rashes, and will show some clear coat issues. They have been tested and inspected to meet safety standards. 

C (Poor)

These wheels will exhibit a combination of surface scratches, curb rashes, clear coat issues, and corrosion. The wheel is guaranteed to be free from cracks, dents, and bends. This makes the wheel suitable for reconditioning and chrome-plating.

RC (Reconditioned)

These wheels have been fully restored to OEM specifications and requirements. The wheel is guaranteed to perform and look identical to the original.


We stand behind all of our wheels 100%. We guarantee our wheels have not been damaged or have their performance compromised. All of our wheels are tested and inspected.

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