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What Is My Wheel Bolt Pattern?

What Is My Wheel Bolt Pattern?

Take a good look at the face of your wheel. Notice the bolts sticking out from the lug holes? How accurately does one measure the bolt pattern? Take a look at our Wheel Anatomy blog if you would like a visual of the wheel bolts and lug holes. Today we will discuss how to measure your wheel bolt pattern. Some wheel bolts patterns are even numbers while others odd numbers. Take a look at the center bore of your wheel. The lugs and bolts lay right on top of the center disk.

For wheels that have even number lugs: 4, 6, or 8 bolts use a measuring device from the center or middle of one lug to the lug directly across from it.

For wheels that have 5 or 7 lugs, it's a little tricky. For best measurement of this pattern, first, place the measuring tool and put it directly in the center of one lug. Next, reach out to the lug across and furthest across the center bore, to the opposite side (pictured below).

If you are having trouble locating your wheel bolt pattern, there are various websites provide wheel bolt pattern measurements by merely typing in some general info about your vehicle, such as YMM.

We can also help you locate the wheel bolt pattern if need be.

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