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The Dangers of Driving With Mismatched Wheels and Tires

The Dangers of Driving With Mismatched Wheels and Tires

Numerous situations may arise in which you will need to replace a single wheel or tire (or both). This can occur from getting a flat tire to bending a wheel on a pothole to getting a flat tire because you bent your wheel on a pothole. Whichever the case may be, this may seem like a nightmare because money is tight and people don't always have hundreds of dollars or possibly thousands on a new set of tires and/or wheels. 

Matching Wheels & Tires
Should you only need a single tire, we recommend purchasing the same brand and size as the other three tires. We do not recommend buying a wheel with different characteristics; such as buying a single off-road tire if the other 3 are all-weather tires or purchasing similar wheels with different speed ratings. If your vehicle has staggered wheels, then we recommend buying the same tire found in each axle of your car. This ensures that each axle contains the same tire size and type.

If you need to purchase a single wheel, then we recommend buying the same OEM wheel as the remaining other 3. The replacement wheel does not have to be brand new but should not be different in size and should be purchased from a reputable wheel shop. It is essential to pay attention to size because similarly looking wheels can come with different width sizes.

Downsides of Mismatched Wheels and Tires
We advise against driving with mismatch wheels and tires. Mismatched wheels and tires can cause premature and uneven wear and tear on the new and remaining three wheels. Even replacing a single worn out tire with a new one, could mess with the handling of the vehicle because of the different tread depths.

In addition, mismatched wheels and tires could lead to further vehicle damage. Driving with different tire wear patterns and tire types can alter the acceleration, stopping power, and cornering abilities of your car.  Mismatched tires and wheels put additional stress on the car's suspension and braking system. Over time, will be cause premature wear and tear on those components. This can be highly dangerous, especially if driving at high speeds or in harsh weather conditions.


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