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Replace, Repair, or Refurbish My OEM Wheel/Rim?

Replace, Repair, or Refurbish My OEM Wheel/Rim?

What causes wheels to bend or crack beyond repair? There are a few reasons.

-Driving Habits, Accidents, Bad Luck, Other

We all have trouble with our vehicles at one time or another. Wheels are unique in the sense where you have different options for enhancing, adjusting or replacing. So, which option is, is the best for you? Overall, long-term durability? Alternatively, a quick fix?

1. Wheel Replacement Long-Term

We recommend purchasing a new or used wheel to replace an old wheel that has damage, bend or crack. Make sure you are buying the correct fitment for your vehicle. Ask your professional to match your old wheel to the new one to avoid any additional time at the body shop or wheel shop. A year, make, model (YMM) description is usually enough info to make out your wheel style.

2. Wheel Repair Quick Fix

Wheel repair requires welding to repair the damage. Keep in mind that this is only a temporary fix for any OEM wheel or rim. Life expectancy for wheel repair can on \severity of crack. Ther is no exact timeline, all repairs are different. There is no warranty provided for this type of repair. Some examples of why people get a fix done:

-You have aftermarket wheels and can't find a replacement or the wheel is discontinued

-Your replacement wheel is extremely expensive & need some time to save up to purchase a brand new wheel.

3. Wheel Refurbish/Refinish Long-Term

There are three options available for refurbishing or refinishing to enhance any cosmetic damages done.

-Recondition: takes your OEM wheel and gives it a brand new finish- a "like new" finish- without paying for a brand new set of wheels/rims

-Powder Coating: gives your OEM wheel(s) a new color or finish and can be customized

-PVD Chrome: is chrome and mirror-like finish with long-lasting material and durability.

Next time you damage your wheel, keep in mind that you have options to fix the damage!

Thanks for reading!

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