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How To Select Quality Replacement OEM Wheels and Rims

How To Select Quality Replacement OEM Wheels and Rims

We provide genuine Original Equipment Manufactured Wheels and Rims.

Everyone is searching for a deal! Fortunately, with wholesale pricing, OEM Wheel Shop customers don't have to struggle to find an accurate match. 

Some of the best wheels and rims are available on OEM Wheel Shops website. We like to surpass other competitors by listing every product. From the newest OEM 2018 wheel to the oldest OEM wheel dating back to 1977.

Committing to the most expensive or inexpensive product may not always be the smartest move. Consider these tips before deciding on a new or used product:

1. Be Mindful

Price is usually the critical factor that determines the majority of consumer decisions. We are all guilty of going with the product that saves us the most (myself included). If a price is too reasonable to be true, it probably is.

2. Inspect

If a live-photo is absent from any listing, ask for one! In a world full of filters, it's easy for companies to display false advertising.

3. Compatibility

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, purchase a part for your vehicle if you are not 100% sure it will fit seamlessly.

4. Reputation

Read the reviews! Product reviews are also something to take into consideration. Overall satisfaction of a customer who already purchased from a company can be used as a reference (take into account that everyone has a different experience), if you notice a pattern, it is more than likely to experience a similar scenario.

We hope you receive the BEST price there is to offer and QUALITY product! If you ever have questions or concerns about our items feel free to contact us directly! 


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