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Prevent Wheel Corrosion

Prevent Wheel Corrosion

There are different types of wheel corrosion. We will go into detail and learn how to prevent wheel corrosion in the section below.


Brake Dust Corrosion

Brake Dust Corrosion

Brake dust leaves gummy deposits that if left to accumulate they can be quite hard to remove. If left uncleaned, brake dust on wheels can harm them. The initial damages are small burn marks left on alloy wheels. Over time, the constant presence of brake dust will lead to pitting of the alloy wheels. At this stage, having your wheels professionally repaired is your only option. 


 Low-Acid Wheel Corrosion

Low Acid Spray Corrosion

This occurs during the car washing and detailing process. A low-acid wheel cleaner is used; however, the product is allowed to sit on the alloy wheel for far too long. This will generally lead to damage, leaving a "streaking" effect. The cleaning product begins to dissolves the clear coat of the alloy wheel, leaving an off-color appearance on polished or painted. On the other hand, or machined finish or hyper silver wheels will develop black streaking.


Wheel Oxidation

Wheel Oxidation

This type of corrosion generally only develops if prior wheel damage or corrosion is present. This is usually due to curb damage and pealing of the clear coat. Oxidation is caused by the chemical reactions between the alloy metal and the air and water molecules in the surrounding area. This leads to pits in the alloy wheel. If left, your alloy wheel can develop noticeable oxidation. Painted wheels may develop oxidation under the paint causing small air bubbles.

 Wheel Cleaning with Brush


For correct cleaning and maintenance of wheels, start with the least aggressive method: water, soap, and a soft-bristled brush. If your wheels are still dirty, use a wheel cleaner that will remove road grime and brake dust. Be careful not to leave the product on for longer than recommended. Once the wheels are clean, you may apply a detailing spray or wax meant to protect the wheels from corrosion. 


If your wheels have corrosion, please check out our wheel services page


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