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Can Cracked Rims Be Repaired?

Can Cracked Rims Be Repaired?

Over the past 2 or so decades, alloy wheels have become all the rage. Not only are they extremely popular with car enthusiasts, but they are also much better looking than steel wheels. Manufacturers have even gotten highly creative with wheel design, in making bigger and wider wheels. This design trend has allowed car brands to retrofit their new cars and SUVs with wheels that provide a more attractive look.

The major downside, however, is that they are not as strong as steel wheels. Although alloy wheels are engineered to withstand the weight of your car safely, they can bend, break, and crack under stress. This can easily occur while hitting a curb at a relatively fast speed or even driving through a deep pothole. This is quite common because aluminum alloy is softer than steel. Depending, on the extent of the damage, a wheel repair shop may be able to safely repair a cracked wheel.

If the crack is not that extensive, it can be fixed by a wheel repair specialist. Many of our customers think a cracked alloy wheel can just be hammered back into place, but it is not as easy as it seems. Our team of wheel experts are highly skilled at repairing a damaged wheel. They are trained in repairing all damage including unnoticeable cracks or other weak spots in the wheel. This entails using specialty alloy welding equipment. If the crack disfigured the wheel or is in a highly visible area, then the entire wheel can also be refurbished. This will make the wheel look and function like a brand new wheel.
When looking for damage, all of our wheels are thoroughly tested and mounted on a special device. All wheels are thoroughly washed, cleaning off the brake dust and dirt grime that has stuck to the wheels' surface. We then use heat, pressure, and vibrations to make the wheel go back into place. This helps prevent the wheel from damaging any further, included cracking more. The areas that need welding are then welding together. As the final step, the newly welded area is sanded and polished.

If the damage is too extensive and the crack is too large, then we will be completely honest and inform you we cannot safely repair the wheel. Although replacing a new wheel may be expensive, a gently used alloy wheel can be inexpensively purchased. We offer OEM wheels of different grading scales.

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